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25 -September -2023 - 00:03
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1 When would I need a protective hood?
2 Are there any other weather conditions I should be concerned about?
3 What does an average-sized retractable awning cost?
4 What kind of wind loads can a retractable awning handle?
5 Why would I want my retractable awning motorized?
6 How will my retractable awning mount to my facility?
7 Do I need a building permit for an awning?
8 Why does the price of a custom awning vary from company to company?
9 Does my awning come with a warranty?
10 Is there much of a difference between the various types of awning fabrics?
11 Does the fabric color I choose affect how hot it is under my awning and how much shade will it provide?
12 Are awnings waterproof and can I stay out under my awning in inclement weather?
13 Should I attempt to clean my awning, rather than use a professional awning cleaning service?
14 How do I keep my awning clean?
15 Can I apply graphics to my awning?
16 How many styles of awnings are there?
17 What colors are available?
18 If I purchase a traditional patio awning, can the frame be dismantled for the winter months?
19 How long does it take to manufacture and install an awning?
20 How much does a custom awning cost?
21 Why do customized awnings seem expensive?
22 Does an awning need to be fire retardant?
23 Will my awning protect me from the sun's harmful rays?
24 Will awnings protect my furniture from fading?
25 What are the support frames made from and how durable are they?